Q: Who may use Freight Assistant?
A: Freight Assistant is accessible to any logistics company providing moving services, box, container, auto or any other freight shipping.

Q: How do I install FA?
A: We set up your account and send you link to download FA to your computer as an application. As a result, you will have to access options: to use FA online through our website or as an application on your computer.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements?

A: Actual system requirements are based on your production environment. You need webbrowser Firefox, Opera or IE; Windows XP or higher for computer application. You will also need internet access for FA to function properly.

Q: Is our data secure with you?

A: Yes. We are secured with a Web Server Certificate. All transactions with our application are protected with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. Your data is stored safely on our server, which is backed up every day.

Q: From where can I access FA?
A: You can access Freight Assistant practically from anywhere in the world. You can use any computer that has access to internet to log into your FA account. Additionally, you can use FA as an application and log in from your computer on which it is installed.

Q: Do you provide tutorials for using FA?
A: Yes. We offer a short video “Take a Tour” on FA homepage, more detailed Demo version of our system in the Demo menu, as well as online User’s Manual (available also in .PDF format) with full explanation of Freight Assistant functions and features.

Q: What modules does basic pack include?
A: Basic FA pack includes 1-10 workstations access, 1 shipping form of your choice (box, container, auto shipping, moving etc.), and Reports module. FA basic pack is purchased for 12-month time period and is available for $750. Inquire now!

Q: How can I add other shipping forms (auto shipping, moving, container and box shipping, etc.)?
A: Other shipping forms may be added for $250 each. If you need additional shipping form(s), please, use our contact form to inquire.

Q: What does Auto quotation mean?
A: Auto quotation displays instant shipping quote on your web site to your customer. This feature uses rates database to automatically calculate shipping costs inclusive of all discounts, customs and insurance charges.

Q: What other quotation options does FA offer?

A: Freight Assistant also offers web quotation which displays “Thank you. We will contact you soon” message to the customer and sends you the request for quote.

Q: What do I need to start auto quotation?
A: To start auto quotation, you need to enter data in the rates database. We offer low cost data entry service for you, which you can request through our contact form. You may also enter data in the rates database by yourself using instructions in our User’s Manual.

Q: What do ROI reports show?
A: ROI reports provide complete information about sources of your traffic and the percentage of visitors that actually convert to sales. They also allow you to track visitors and customers that come to your website from your campaigns. Thus, ROI help you to spend your advertising budget more wisely. To order ROI module, please, contact us.

Q: What does Mass Mailer do?
A: Mass Mailer allows you to create and send personalized bulk mail to specific group of your customers. This module helps you save on any additional e-mail managing software you would otherwise use. To order Mass Mailing module, please, contact us.

Q: Can I send e-mails to my customers from FA?
A: Yes. FA allows you to send e-mails and documents directly from our system.

Q: Can I print or save documents from FA?

A: Yes. You can easily print and save documents (in .PDF format) with Freight Assistant.